"Bunny Bomb about"- un-leash the "wabbits".

For all the  Bunnies that just love to Bomb about.

A Bomb is a brilliant way to extend the bomb about system, you can turn the tunnel in any direction and even all the way back to the hutch- what fun. Connection blocks are now in Brown

"Bomb Box"

Our  "bomb box"   turns the tunnel in a 45 degree angle for different directions, to take full use of your garden.

 The panels are manufactured in rust resistant steel to a high specification  robust rigid construction when assembled. Features: - British design & manufacture.  That will fold flat when not in use.

Approximate Sizes: each panel is  25" x 25" (635mm x 635mm). Making the box 2ftx2ft x2ft

You have four sides as well as  a top and a bottom, all  fitted together with cable ties, the top lifts open and is locked in to place with a strong springs.

There are two pre-cut holes to fit the single connecting plate too, plus a choice of tunnel lengths to take the "Bomb Box" tunnel  to the next bunny bomb about area.



A four section box  with floor and roof, each panel is 63cm x 63cm~ from £75

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Dee Millen Rabbit Accessories

Unit 2, Bethersden Business Centre, Chequer Tree Lane, Bethersden, Ashford, Kent, TN26 3JL


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