"Bunny Bomb about"- un-leash the "wabbits".

For all the  Bunnies that just love to Bomb about.

Kit 1:-Tom

Two  connection blocks, 2  wire  trap doors with the large connection blocks, 2 hinged doors on medium, or one of each, 2 tunnel pin with spring, wire cutters, 4 ft of Tunnel.

Bomb About -Tom

Tom with two Large connection blocks


Medium & large connection blocks


Our "bunny bomb about" designed by us made by us- for the enjoyment of your bunnies and you.

The blue connection block is made of 18mm ply with 8mm bolts to hold it firmly in place. Choice of connection block size.

The connection blocks come in two standard sizes: Medium and large.

Large- 38cm x38cm (15" x 15") and medium- 20cm wide x 38cm high (8" x15")

We can make these in different sizes -please email us.

Our "Bunny bomb about" is far more durable than the plastic alternative and more affordable priced-with countless options, as we will design a "Bunny bomb about" to fit your garden space, hutch and run, Wendy house, garden shed or for the spoilt house bunny even your house.

The "bunny bomb about" will fit any hutch or run or shed with the choice of  black tunnel length. Tom has a tunnel length of 4ft

Add a "bomb box"   to turn the pipe in different directions, to take full use of your garden.

The black tunnel is 6.2" (160mm) in diameter and will take up to a 8lb in weight bunny (medium -large). This is a heavy duty pipe**-it is flexible to a degree-but if you are wanting to do right or left hand turns you will need to add a bomb box.

This has ventilation slots running down the entire length of pipe, and is easy to clean with a hose pipe and safe for the bunny to be in.

We do not advise longer section than 12ft -why not add a "bomb box" instead and then carry on with your tunnel.

We can design and build a "Bunny bomb about" to suit you-please email us photo's of your hutch, run and garden.

Bomb about Tom- connecting two runs together

This is fun

First time going through

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